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Saturday 25 October 2014
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The Association of Palliative Day Care Leaders

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A National Association of hospice and palliative day care leaders was formed in July 1993 and renamed in 2002 as the association of Palliative Day Care Leaders (APDCL).

The APDCL is affiliated to the Network of Professional Associations (NPA) under the umbrella of Help the Hospices.

There are currently over 280 palliative day care and day therapy units in the UK.


This is open to any day care or day therapy leader or manager.

A yearly subscription entitles members to receive newsletters and to vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)


This is held annually to provide an opportunity for members and other day care staff to meet together and share in a varied programme of lectures.

The AGM is held at Conference. 

The 2013 conference will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday 17 and 18 September 2013 at Aston University, Birmingham with a full programme in place. 

Registration is now open. Please complete the booking form and return it by 31 July 2013.

Aims and objectives of the Association


  • To raise the profile of the Association at a Local and National level
  • To provide a forum for day Care Leaders, facilitating communication between members and other relevant disciplines.
  • To encourage and promote an exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise between members of the Association.
  • To disseminate a greater understanding of the principles of Palliative Day care amongst professional colleagues and the general public.
  • To develop standards of care and principles of good practice within the membership.
  • To encourage and promote educational opportunities by:
    • Developing a course for Day Care Leaders in conjunction with Help the Hospices aimed at the professional needs of Day Care Leaders.
    • Providing Day Care promotion days for other disciplines
    • Providing bursaries to help finance professional development
    • Arranging an annual conference